Back from MS&T17

Our students returned after presenting their talks at the Material Science and Technology 2017 Conference at Pittsburgh, PA. They were presenting oral talks about their projects, “Layer-by-Layer Coatings of Fluorinated Polyphosphazenes” and “Linear, Hydrophobic, Antioxidant Copolymers for Enhanced Performance of Anticorrosion Coatings.”


Overview of Pittsburgh Downtown:









Texas A&M Students from Prof. Sukhishvili, Prof. Castaneda and Prof. Karaman groups:









After presenting oral talks:









Students at Duquesne Incline enjoying free time:



Aggie research teams working in Dr. Sukhishvili’s lab presented two posters today at the LAUNCH expo. The team of Haley Nelson, Cynthia Co, and Shabba Armbrister, led by Victoria Albright, presented a poster entitled: “Layer-By-Layer Polymer Assemblies with Antimicrobial Agents for Biomedical Applications.” Albright’s team focuses on layer-by-layer deposition of stimuli-responsive polymers that can encapsulate antibiotics and selectively release them when triggered. Undergraduates have shown that deposition conditions, such as salt concentration and pH, as well as polymer composition are critical to film formation and stability.¬†The team of Taylor Kelly and Kelly¬†Boening, led by Hanna Hlushko presented a poster entitled: “Synthetic Polymeric Antioxidants for Corrosion Protection.” Hlushko’s team studies antioxidant polymers containing different polyphenol moieties and their application as polymeric coatings for corrosion prevention.