Synthetic Setups

Our lab is equipped with two Schlenk line setups, which allow for the synthesis of  molecules that are air and/or water sensitive reactions in an inert atmosphere without requiring a glove box. We have the capability to use both argon and nitrogen gas to create an inert atmosphere. The Schlenk line is also connected to a vacuum line that helps removal of trace solvents, or dissolved gases from the reaction mixture.


Labconco FreeZone® Freeze Dry System: Freeze driers are used to remove water from a frozen sample without altering its physical structure. It is routinely used to freeze dry the aqueous solutions of polymers and formulations. The collector can reach up to -55⁰C, hence suitable for solvents/solutions whose eutectic temperature is above -30⁰C.


IKA RV 10 Rotary Evaporator: The rotary evaporator is used for the solvent removal from the reaction mixture by evaporation. The condenser is cooled by a high-efficiency circulating chiller that can reach -20⁰C.