Rajagopalan selected for SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship

PhD student Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan was one of two graduate students selected to receive the SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship! The scholarship is sponsored by The Society of Plastics Engineers. The SPE Scholarship is awarded to both graduate and undergraduate students who display excellence both academically and in their respective research fields.

Congratulations, Kartik!

New publication in Chemical Engineering Journal

PhD student Zhen Sang’s research was recently accepted to Chemical Engineering Journal!

The article, titled “Dynamic Polymer Network Conductive Nanocomposites: Low Percolation Threshold and Joule-heating-induced Network Plasticity“, is now available to read online. In this work, we report a novel nanocomposite based on Diels-Alder polymer (DAP) dynamic networks. These nanocomposites showed an extremely low percolation threshold at 0.04 wt% filler loading as well as the ability of permanent shape reconfiguration by Joule-heating. Reprogramming directions and time sequences in material motions can facilitate implementations of these actuation systems for applications requiring complex reprogrammable shape manipulations.

Congratulations, Zhen!

New publication in Polymer Chemistry

PhD candidate Aliaksei Aliakseyeu’s research was recently accepted to Polymer Chemistry!

The article, titled “Nonionic star polymers with upper critical solution temperature in aqueous solutions“, is now available to read online. In this article, novel upper critical solution temperature (UCST) star poly(2-ureido methacrylates) synthesized via ARGET ATRP technique showed DMSO-controlled UCST behavior and enhanced trapping abilities of model drug molecules.

Congratulations, Aliaksei!

Graphic summary of the new publication in Polymer Chemistry