Undergraduate Students

Edward Wang

Edward is from Houston, Texas and is a freshman progressing towards his B.S. in Biochemistry. He is a member of the Aggie Research Program, working on star polymers in hydrogen-bonded layer-by-layer films with Aliaksei.

Erik Sparrow

Erik is from Houston, Texas and is a Freshman undergraduate looking to major in Chemical Engineering. He is currently working under Alex with star polymers in hydrogen-bonded LbL films through the Aggie Research Program.

Lauren Wilkin

Lauren is a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She is currently working with Jordan on incorporation of doxorubicin in polyphosphazene-based layer-by-layer films and analysis of the films' degradation and release rates. Previously, Lauren worked on temperature- and pH-responsive layer-by-layer films for drug release applications (Fall 2019) and layer-by-layer films with controllable hydrophobicity (Spring 2020).


Undergraduate Alumni:

Ashleigh Abbott, Ceramic Engineering at Missouri University of Science & Technology – Online REU 2020

Leah Alexander, Materials Engineering at Purdue University – Online REU 2020

Bradley Robinson, Materials Science & Engineering at Texas A&M University – Online REU 2020

Ashley Cruz, Biomedical Engineering

Danielle Yarbrough, Chemical Engineering ’19

Molly Guyette, Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences ’20

Jeremy Zheng, Biomedical Engineering ’20

Brent Vela, Chemical Engineering ’20

William Zenor, Chemical Engineering

Logan Morris, Mechanical Engineering

Jane Nguyen, Chemical Engineering

Hope Tang, Civil Engineering

Samantha Hernandez, Biomedical Science ’20

Christian Frey, Biology ’20

Siddharth Shah, Chemical Engineering

Calvin Nguyen, Chemical Engineering

Charlene Pua, Chemistry

Madison Muse, Chemical Engineering

Kelly Boening, Chemical Engineering

Taylor Kelly, Chemical Engineering

Haley Nelson, Chemical Engineering

Miranda Molina, Biomedical Sciences

Cynthia Co, Biomedical Engineering

Shabba Armbrister, Biomedical Sciences

Christopher Erb, Biomedical Engineering

Steven Strack, Chemical Engineering

Jesse York, Chemical Engineering

Emily Janak, Biomedical Sciences