Sukhishvili Group Visits 254th ACS Conference in Washington, DC

Dr. Sukhishvili’s group has had quite a productive year, which has led to the entire group attending ACS, each with at least one poster presentation though many have multiple presentations.

Dr. Sukhishvili will give 2 talks: “Functional nanocoatings and nanocapsules: from chain intermixing to controlled morphology” and “Development of fluorinated ionomer coatings using aqueous nanoassembly of polyphosphazene polyelectrolytes.”

Post-doc Anbazhagan Palanisamy will present 3 posters and an oral talk on “UCST responsive micelles of a polypeptide-based block copolymer: Synthesis, LbL assembly, and temperature response” and on “Biodegradable thin films of UCST-type micelles: Film stability, degradation and biocompatibility.”

Post-doc Yuhao Wang will present 2 posters and an oral talk on “Interfacial assembly of hydrogen-bonded complexes for stimuli-responsive emulsion stabilization and breaking,” “Hydrogen-bonded complexes of a triblock Pluronic® copolymer with a weak polyacid: From nanocages to self-healing materials,” and “One-step assembly of hydrogen-bonded nanoparticles and nanocapsules mediated by phase separation of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide),” respectively.

Senior PhD student Victor Selin will present 2 posters on “Effect of competitive solvent on chain dynamics within hydrogen-bonded polyelectrolyte multilayers” and “Layer-by-layer films of fluorinated polyphosphazenes.”

PhD student Victoria Albright will present a poster on “pH- and temperature-triggered self-defensive antibacterial layer-by-layer coatings.”

PhD student Parvin Karimineghlani will give an oral talk on “Polyvinyl alcohol/dendrimer gels for reversible shape stabilization of thermal energy storage materials” and present a poster on “Thermoreversible Poly(vinyl alcohol) Gel as a Matrix for Salt Hydrate Thermal Energy Storage Materials.”

PhD student Raman Hlushko will give his first oral talk on a “New versatile class of antioxidant polymers” as well as present a poster “Ultrathin layer-by-layer salt-responsive hydrogel for fiber-optic salinity sensing.”

PhD student Hanna Hlushko will give her first oral talk on “Linear antioxidant polymers for anticorrosion coatings: Adhesion and electrochemical performance” as well as present a poster “Poly(vinyl alcohol-co-vinyl gallate) as a novel polymeric antioxidant in solution and hydrogen-bonded layer-by-layer films.”