Undergraduate students present posters at the 2019 LAUNCH session

Undergraduate students Samantha Hernandez, Jeremy Zheng, and Christian Frey presented their research at the Summer 2019 Undergraduate Research Poster Session on July 31, 2019.

Here’s what Samantha said about her experience:

“The Summer 2019 LAUNCH poster session allowed me to share my experience in Materials Science research with other undergraduate students, while learning about new advances being made in various other disciplines. Within the Sukhishvili group, I study stimuli-responsive micellar films under Victoria Albright’s mentorship; for this session, I focused on presenting information about the internal structure and stability of our micellar films. Presenting a poster encouraged me to analyze the data my team and I had collected which in turn helped me appreciate my peer’s posters and their efforts to give a concise and interactive presentation.”

Samantha Hernandez (top), Jeremy Zheng (bottom left), and Christian Frey (bottom right) presenting their posters at the Summer 2019 LAUNCH poster session


Graduate student Hanna Hlushko successfully presented her research at the NACE CORROSION conference in Nashville, TN, which took place on March 24-28, 2019. At the conference, Hanna Hlushko presented her research on layer-by-layer polymer coatings of antioxidant polymers for corrosion protection of cold rolled steel with a poster. Additionally, Hanna volunteered at CORROSION: Opportunities Realized Mini-Camp, helping to show the concepts of electroplating to kids from local schools, explain the danger of stray current corrosion for pipelines, and facilitate the discussion about the ways we can protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

Hanna Hlushko presenting her poster at Harvey section of a poster session


Hanna Hlushko volunteering at CORROSION: Opportunities Realized mini-camp
Texas A&M graduate students at the NACE CORROSION conference (from left to right): Jim Chen (Dr. Case group, MSEN), Yenny Cubides (Dr. Castaneda group, MSEN), Hanna Hlushko (Dr. Sukhishvili group, MSEN), and Edna Mendez (Dr. Glover group, CHEN)