WIMS volunteers at Aggieland Saturday

The Women in Materials Science (WIMS) organization, advised by Dr. Sukhishvili, provided departmental information and performed demonstrations for prospective high school students and their parents at Aggieland Saturday. From the Sukhishvili group, graduate students Hanna Hlushko, Diana Al Husseini, and Jordan Brito volunteered during this event.

Learn more about the WIMS organization and upcoming outreach events here.


From left to right: Jordan Brito, Diana Al Husseini, Hanna Hlushko, Mengying Liu, and Dr. Svetlana Sukhishvili at Aggieland Saturday
The WIMS organization performed demos for prospective students.


Zhou’s research ranks 2nd in U.S. Army’s “Top Ten Science & Technology Advances of 2019”

The research of PhD student Qing Zhou has been recognized by the U.S. Army as one of the top science and technology advances of 2019. His research on self-healing polymers placed second in the video shown below, posted by the U.S. Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory.

The full list has been shared across multiple news sites, such as Business Insider and the U.S. Army’s official site.


2019 LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Expo

Undergraduate students led by Victoria Albright, Raman Hlushko, and Hanna Hlushko presented their research at the LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Expo on October 2, 2019. These students are part of the Aggie Research Program at Texas A&M.

Victoria led two research teams that each presented a poster. Danielle Yarbrough and Samantha Hernandez presented a poster titled “Modulating Drug Delivery via Polymer Interaction Strength”, and Jeremy Zheng and Christian Frey presented “Antimicrobial Coatings”.

Raman’s research team presented “Antioxidant Hydrogen-Bonded Coatings of Linear Synthetic Polyphenols”.

Led by Hanna, Brent Vela and William Zenor presented “Layer by Layer Assembled Coatings of Antioxidant Polymers” (pictured below).


From left to right: Hanna Hlushko (team leader), Brent Vela, and William Zenor