Sebastian presents poster at REU/USRG symposium

Undergraduate researcher Sebastian Haney came from UC Berkeley to conduct research at Texas A&M University over the summer. Sebastian’s research found a correlation between water content and the type of anion on gelation of PVA in salt hydrate PCMs, with gelation mechanisms depending on the position of the anion in the Hofmeister series. In his time with the Sukhishvili group, Sebastian developed his skills in scientific presentation, infrared spectroscopy, rheology, data analysis, and literature search. His research was presented at the TAMU REU/USRG symposium on Aug. 4th, 2023.

Congratulations, Sebastian, for your hard work and success! We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.


Sebastian explains his research poster to his peers


The Sukhishvili group stands with Sebastian in front of his poster

Viktoria presents poster on summer research project

Undergraduate researcher Viktoria Theodorou came from the University of Cyprus to conduct research at Texas A&M University over the summer. She studied the mechanical properties of various layer-by-layer film systems. Her culmination of results was presented at a poster session and ceremony on July 27th, 2023.

Congratulations, Viktoria, for all of your hard work and successes! We enjoyed your company around the lab, and you will be missed!

Viktoria stands in front of her research poster holding an award certificate
The Sukhishvili group stands with Viktoria in front of her poster

Aliakseyeu publishes in Macromolecules

Aliaksei Aliakseyeu’s paper titled “Salt-Induced Diffusion of Star and Linear Polyelectrolytes within Multilayer Films” was recently published in Macromolecules

In this work, Aliaksei studied the effect of salt on the diffusivity of polyelectrolytes of varied molecular architecture in layer-by-layer (LbL) films in directions parallel and perpendicular to the substrate. The article is now available to read online.

Congratulations, Aliaksei!

Aliakseyeu and Moon win 2023 MSEN Awards

Aliaksei Aliakseyeu and Junho Moon were awarded with 2023 MSEN Awards this summer.

Aliaksei received the Best Ph.D. Thesis award for his thesis titled, “Star Polymers in Solution and in Multilayer Assemblies”.

Junho received the Outstanding Teacher award for his teaching experiences in MSEN 360 Materials Characterization and MSEN 301 Lab A (Polymer) Unified Materials Lab. In these courses, he instructed the students on laboratory instruments, graded reports, and provided feedback.

Congratulations to both students on this great achievement!

Brito and collaborators publish in Biomacromolecules

Jordan Brito’s research with collaborators at the University of Maryland and Stevens Institute of Technology was recently accepted to Biomacromolecules!

The article, titled “4-Methylumbelliferone-Functionalized Polyphosphazene and Its Assembly into Biocompatible Fluorinated Nanocoatings with Selective Antiproliferative Activity”, is now available to read online.

Well done, Jordan & collaborators!