The Sukhishvili Group takes on ACS Spring 2021

Five members from the Sukhishvili group will be presenting at ACS Spring 2021! Ph.D. students Raman Hlushko, Jordan Brito, and Diana Al Husseini will give oral presentations. Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan and Xiuzhu Zhu will submit a poster.

On Apr. 8, Raman and Jordan will give live presentations during the “Self-assembly in Polymer Systems” session.

On Apr. 14, Diana will present in the “Surface Chemistry: Surface Functionalization, Surfactants, and Mesoporous Media” session.

Zhou, Aliakseyeu, and Sang present at APS March Meeting 2021

Our group had a very productive “visit” to the virtual APS March Meeting 2021. PhD students Qing Zhou, Aliaksei Aliakseyeu, and Zhen Sang presented their research, and Dr. Sukhishvili chaired a session.

Dr. Sukhishvili chaired the Dynamic Polymer Networks session on Mon., Mar. 15. Qing presented his work on “Temperature Response of Endo/Exo Crosslinking in Diels-Alder Polymer Networks” during this session.

Aliaksei presented his work on “Hydrogen-bonded assembly of star and linear polymers” on Wed., Mar. 17.

Zhen presented his work on “Highly Conductive, Reconfigurable Nanocomposites of a Nanostructured Carbon Material and a Dynamic Polymer Network” on Fri., Mar. 19.