Brito and Moon publish in Journal of Functional Biomaterials

Jordan Brito and Junho Moon’s paper titled “Engineering Degradation Rate of Polyphosphazene-Based Layer-by-Layer Polymer Coatings” was recently published in the Journal of Functional Biomaterials.

In this work, we designed layer-by-layer polymer coatings with tunable degradation rates based on the assembly conditions, and we also directly compared the degradation of the polymer in solution, complexes in solution, and layer-by-layer polymer coatings. The open-access article is now available to read online.

Congratulations, Jordan and Junho!

**Update (2/28/2024): This article was selected by the Journal of Functional Biomaterials as the cover article for the February issue!**

**Update (5/8/2024): This article was selected as an Editor’s Choice!**