Rajagopalan selected for Phi Kappa Phi’s Love of Learning Award

PhD student Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan was selected as a recipient for Phi Kappa Phi’s Love of Learning Award. The Love of Learning Awards help fund post-baccalaureate professional development for active Phi Kappa Phi members. The committee was impressed with Kartik’s superior academic record and life/career ambitions.

Congratulations, Kartik!

Rajagopalan selected for SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship

PhD student Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan was one of two graduate students selected to receive the SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship! The scholarship is sponsored by The Society of Plastics Engineers. The SPE Scholarship is awarded to both graduate and undergraduate students who display excellence both academically and in their respective research fields.

Congratulations, Kartik!

Rajagopalan selected as 2022 Eastman Chemical Award finalist

Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan was one of six finalists selected for the 2022 Eastman Chemical Student Award! He will be giving an oral presentation at ACS Fall 2022 in the Eastman Chemical Student Award symposium over his submitted paper, entitled “Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Polymer Gelation Mechanism in Inorganic Salt Hydrates”.

The award is sponsored by Eastman Chemical Company, and the competition is organized by the PMSE division of ACS. The purpose of this award is to “recognize research excellence by a graduate student in applied polymer science”.
Congratulations, Kartik!

Research by Brito & collaborators selected as ACS Editors’ Choice

Jordan Brito’s research with collaborators at University of Maryland was recently accepted to ACS Applied Bio Materials and selected as an ACS Editors’ Choice!

The paper was selected for this honor because of its potential for broad public interest. As part of the ACS Editors’ Choice program, it will be freely accessible for six months.

The article, titled “Cationic Fluoropolyphosphazenes: Synthesis and Assembly with Heparin as a Pathway to Hemocompatible Nanocoatings”, is now available to read online.

Well done, Jordan & collaborators!

Zhu and Rajagopalan win Best Poster at ACS Spring 2021

Graduate students Xiuzhu Zhu and Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan won a Best Poster Award at the 2021 ACS Spring National Meeting!

The poster, titled “Temperature-responsive, tunable poly(vinyl alcohol)-borax salogels for shape stabilization of an inorganic phase change material”, was one of three distinguished posters in the PMSE division.

Congratulations, Xiuzhu and Kartik!