The Sukhishvili Group attends the APS March Meeting

The Sukhishvili group was well-represented at the APS March Meeting this year. Zhen Sang, Aliaksei Aliakseyeu, and Prof. Sukhishvili gave presentations on the group’s research in Las Vegas, NV (Mar. 5-10, 2023).

Aliaksei, Prof. Sukhishvili, and Zhen at APS 2023


Zhen Sang presents at the APS March Meeting
Zhen Sang presents on ‘Dynamic Covalent Polymer Microspheres under Supersonic Impact’ at the APS March Meeting


Prof. Sukhishvili presents on ‘Stimuli-Triggered Stereoselective Relaxations in Diels-Alder Polymer Networks’


Aliaksei presents on ‘Diffusion of Linear and Star Polyacids in Solution and Multilayer Assemblies’