New publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry A

PhD students Kartik and Xiuzhu’s paper titled “Strong, thermo-reversible salogels with boronate ester bonds as thermal energy storage materials” was accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

In this work, Kartik and Xiuzhu compare boronate ester salogels with well-known hydrogels. They show that the highly ionic environment of salt hydrates allow the formation of strong gels compared to water with small amounts of polymer and crosslinker (~3.3 wt%). They also demonstrate the first use of dynamic covalent crosslinks, with repeatable on-demand thermo-reversibility, as a shape stabilizing matrix for inorganic salt hydrate phase change materials in thermal energy storage applications. The article isĀ  now available to read online.

Congratulations, Kartik and Xiuzhu!

Graphic summary of the new paper in J. Mater. Chem. A