Al Husseini and Zhou successfully defend dissertations!

Many congratulations to Diana Al Husseini and Qing Zhou for successfully defending their dissertations!

Dr. Al Husseini earned her degree based on her work on nanoparticle assembly for gas-sensing applications. Her dissertation is titled “Surface Functionalization for Selective Mid-Infrared On-Chip Sensing”.

Dr. Zhou earned his degree based on his work on 3D-printable, shape-reconfigurable polymer networks. His dissertation is titled “Effect of Crosslinker Flexibility and Crosslinking Density on Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of 3D Printable Diels-Alder Polymer Networks”.

New publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

PhD student Jordan Brito’s research was recently accepted to ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!

The article, titled “Hierarchically Structured, All-Aqueous-Coated Hydrophobic Surfaces with pH-Selective Droplet Transfer Capability“, is now available to read online. In this article, hydrophobic coatings with pH-responsive droplet capture were created using an all-aqueous layer-by-layer deposition technique. The fluorinated anionic polyphosphazenes used in these coatings endowed the surfaced with a novel combination of hydrophobicity with pH sensitivity, allowing for pH-sensitive droplet transfer.

Congratulations, Jordan!

Graphic summary of the new research article in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


Al Husseini presents at 2022 Materials Research Society

PhD candidate Diana Al Husseini attended the 2022 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. On May 8th, Diana gave an oral presentation on “Surface functionalization for selective mid-infrared on-chip gas sensing” in the “Surfaces and Interfaces in Electronics and Photonics” symposium session.

Diana Al Husseini at the Surfaces and Interfaces in Electronics and Photonics session in the 2022 MRS Spring Meeting

Rajagopalan selected for SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship

PhD student Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan was one of two graduate students selected to receive the SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship! The scholarship is sponsored by The Society of Plastics Engineers. The SPE Scholarship is awarded to both graduate and undergraduate students who display excellence both academically and in their respective research fields.

Congratulations, Kartik!

New publication in Chemical Engineering Journal

PhD student Zhen Sang’s research was recently accepted to Chemical Engineering Journal!

The article, titled “Dynamic Polymer Network Conductive Nanocomposites: Low Percolation Threshold and Joule-heating-induced Network Plasticity“, is now available to read online. In this work, we report a novel nanocomposite based on Diels-Alder polymer (DAP) dynamic networks. These nanocomposites showed an extremely low percolation threshold at 0.04 wt% filler loading as well as the ability of permanent shape reconfiguration by Joule-heating. Reprogramming directions and time sequences in material motions can facilitate implementations of these actuation systems for applications requiring complex reprogrammable shape manipulations.

Congratulations, Zhen!

New publication in Polymer Chemistry

PhD candidate Aliaksei Aliakseyeu’s research was recently accepted to Polymer Chemistry!

The article, titled “Nonionic star polymers with upper critical solution temperature in aqueous solutions“, is now available to read online. In this article, novel upper critical solution temperature (UCST) star poly(2-ureido methacrylates) synthesized via ARGET ATRP technique showed DMSO-controlled UCST behavior and enhanced trapping abilities of model drug molecules.

Congratulations, Aliaksei!

Graphic summary of the new publication in Polymer Chemistry

Rajagopalan selected as 2022 Eastman Chemical Award finalist

Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan was one of six finalists selected for the 2022 Eastman Chemical Student Award! He will be giving an oral presentation at ACS Fall 2022 in the Eastman Chemical Student Award symposium over his submitted paper, entitled “Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Polymer Gelation Mechanism in Inorganic Salt Hydrates”.

The award is sponsored by Eastman Chemical Company, and the competition is organized by the PMSE division of ACS. The purpose of this award is to “recognize research excellence by a graduate student in applied polymer science”.
Congratulations, Kartik!

Brito and Rajagopalan present at ACS Spring 2022

PhD students Jordan Brito and Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan presented their work at ACS Spring 2022 virtually and in San Diego, CA.

Prof. Sukhishvili and Jordan presented in the “Polyphosphazenes in Biomedicine, Engineering and Pioneering Synthesis” symposium. Prof. Sukhishvili presented “Polyphosphazenes in layer-by-layer coatings“, and Jordan presented “Highly hydrophobic, pH-responsive, nanostructured layer-by-layer coatings from anionic fluorinated polyphosphazenes“.

Jordan Brito presented virtually at ACS Spring 2022

Kartik presided over the session “General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials”. He also presented his work entitled, “Thermo-responsive salogels with dynamic covalent bonds for shape stabilization of an inorganic phase change material“.

Kartik Kumar Rajagopalan presided over a session at ACS Spring 2022

Aliakseyeu, Sang, and Zhou present at APS March 2022

PhD students Aliaksei Aliakseyeu, Zhen Sang, and Qing Zhou represented the Sukhishvili Group at APS March 2022 virtually and in Chicago, IL.

On Mar. 14, Aliaksei gave an oral presentation on “Dynamics of Star Polyelectrolytes in Multilayer Assemblies“.

On Mar. 16, Zhen and Aliaksei gave poster presentations, and Zhen also gave an oral presentation. Aliaksei’s poster was titled, “Upper Critical Solution Temperature Behavior of Linear and Star Polymers“. Zhen’s poster presentation was on “Joule-heating-induced Multi-stage Reconfiguration in Dynamic Polymer Nanocomposites with Low Percolation Threshold“, while his oral presentation was on “Dynamic Covalent Polymer Networks under Supersonic Micro-Projectile Impact” (see below).

Zhen Sang presented “Dynamic Covalent Polymer Networks under Supersonic Micro-Projectile Impact” at APS March 2022

Finally, on Mar. 18, Qing presented “Spatiotemporally Controlled Shape Reconfiguration in Diels-Alder Polymer Networks through Selective Dissociation of Crosslinks” (see below).

Qing Zhou presented “Spatiotemporally Controlled Shape Reconfiguration in Diels-Alder Polymer Networks through Selective Dissociation of Crosslinks” at APS March 2022