Brito and Moon publish in Journal of Functional Biomaterials

Jordan Brito and Junho Moon’s paper titled “Engineering Degradation Rate of Polyphosphazene-Based Layer-by-Layer Polymer Coatings” was recently published in the Journal of Functional Biomaterials.

In this work, we designed layer-by-layer polymer coatings with tunable degradation rates based on the assembly conditions, and we also directly compared the degradation of the polymer in solution, complexes in solution, and layer-by-layer polymer coatings. The open-access article is now available to read online.

Congratulations, Jordan and Junho!

**Update (2/28/2024): This article was selected by the Journal of Functional Biomaterials as the cover article for the February issue!**

**Update (5/8/2024): This article was selected as an Editor’s Choice!**

Brito, Shah, and Aliakseyeu publish in Journal of Chemical Physics

Jordan Brito, Parin Purvin Shah, and Aliaksei Aliakseyeu’s paper titled “Effect of polyacid architecture and polycation molecular weight on lateral diffusion within multilayer films” was recently published in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

In this work, we investigated the lateral and perpendicular diffusion of linear and star polyacids (i.e., linear and 8-arm PMAA) within layer-by-layer films. The linear and star polyacids were partnered with short, medium, and long molecular weight PDADMAC to also compare the effect of polycation molecular weight on the diffusion of the polyacids. The article is now available to read online.

Congratulations, Jordan, Parin, and Aliaksei!

Rajagopalan wins 3rd place at MSEN Materials Expo 2023

PhD candidate Kartik won joint 3rd place in the MSEN Materials Expo 2023 poster competition for the poster titled “Diels-Alder Salogels for Shape Stabilization of Inorganic Salt Hydrate Phase Change Materials”. The MSEN Materials Expo 2023 was held in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the TAMU MSEN department.

Congratulations, Kartik!

Kartik holds up his certificate in front of his winning poster at MSEN Materials Expo 2023

Shah receives SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship

Master’s student Parin Purvin Shah was one of two recipients of the SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship, sponsored by The Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE). It was awarded during the Polymer Technology Constoria (PTC) in Fall 2023. This scholarship recognizes undergraduate and graduate students in the polymers field who demonstrate excellence both in academics and research.

Congratulations, Parin!

Parin shakes hands with Dr. Hung-Jue Sue after being awarded the SPE-Henry Kahn Scholarship

Sebastian presents poster at REU/USRG symposium

Undergraduate researcher Sebastian Haney came from UC Berkeley to conduct research at Texas A&M University over the summer. Sebastian’s research found a correlation between water content and the type of anion on gelation of PVA in salt hydrate PCMs, with gelation mechanisms depending on the position of the anion in the Hofmeister series. In his time with the Sukhishvili group, Sebastian developed his skills in scientific presentation, infrared spectroscopy, rheology, data analysis, and literature search. His research was presented at the TAMU REU/USRG symposium on Aug. 4th, 2023.

Congratulations, Sebastian, for your hard work and success! We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.


Sebastian explains his research poster to his peers


The Sukhishvili group stands with Sebastian in front of his poster

Viktoria presents poster on summer research project

Undergraduate researcher Viktoria Theodorou came from the University of Cyprus to conduct research at Texas A&M University over the summer. She studied the mechanical properties of various layer-by-layer film systems. Her culmination of results was presented at a poster session and ceremony on July 27th, 2023.

Congratulations, Viktoria, for all of your hard work and successes! We enjoyed your company around the lab, and you will be missed!

Viktoria stands in front of her research poster holding an award certificate
The Sukhishvili group stands with Viktoria in front of her poster

Aliakseyeu publishes in Macromolecules

Aliaksei Aliakseyeu’s paper titled “Salt-Induced Diffusion of Star and Linear Polyelectrolytes within Multilayer Films” was recently published in Macromolecules

In this work, Aliaksei studied the effect of salt on the diffusivity of polyelectrolytes of varied molecular architecture in layer-by-layer (LbL) films in directions parallel and perpendicular to the substrate. The article is now available to read online.

Congratulations, Aliaksei!