Recent Publications

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  2. Selin, V.; Ankner, J. F.; Sukhishvili, S. A. Ionically Paired Layer-by-Layer Hydrogels: Water and Polyelectrolyte Uptake Controlled by Deposition Time. Gels 2018, 4(1), 7
  3. Palanisamy A, Albright V, Sukhishvili SA. Upper Critical Solution Temperature Layer-by-Layer Films of Polyaminoacid-Based Micelles with Rapid, On-Demand Release Capability. Chem Mater 2017; accepted.
  4. Karimineghlani P, Emmons E, Green MJ, Shamberger P, Sukhishvili SA. A temperature-responsive poly(vinyl alcohol) gel for controlling fluidity of an inorganic phase change material. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2017;5:12474-82.
  5. Albright V, Zhuk I, Wang Y, Selin V, van de Belt-Gritter B, Busscher HJ, et al. Self-defensive antibiotic-loaded layer-by-layer coatings: Imaging of localized bacterial acidification and pH-triggering of antibiotic release. Acta Biomaterialia 2017;61:66-74.
  6. Wang, Y.; He, J.; Aktas, S.; Sukhishvili, S. A.; Kalyon, D. M. Rheological behavior and self-healing of hydrogen-bonded complexes of a triblock Pluronic® copolymer with a weak polyacid. Journal of Rheology 2017, accepted
  7. Wang, Y.; Sukhishvili, S. A., All-aqueous Nanoprecipitation: Spontaneous Formation of Hydrogen-Bonded Nanoparticles and Nanocapsules Mediated by Phase Separation of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide). Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2017, DOI: 10.1002/marc.201700242.
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