2014 Publications

  1. I. Zhuk, F. Jariwala, A.B. Attygalle, Y. Wu, M. Libera and S.A. Sukhishvili “Self-Defensive Layer-by-Layer Films with Bacteria-Triggered Antibiotic Release,” ACS Nano 20148,  7733–7745.

    (featured in the “Editor’s Choice” section of Science magazine, “Layers of ways to control drug release”, Volume 345, Number 6201, Issue of 5 September 2014, p. 1133).

  2. S. Pavlukhina, I. Zhuk,  A. Mentbayeva, E. Rautenberg, W. Chang,  X. Yu,  H.J. Busscher, H.C. van der Mei and S.A. SukhishviliSmall-Molecule-Hosting Nanocomposite Films with Multiple Bacteria-Triggered Responses”, Nature Publishing Group Asia Materials 2014, 6, e121; DOI: 10.1038/am.2014.63.