Graduate student Hanna Hlushko successfully presented her research at the NACE CORROSION conference in Nashville, TN, which took place on March 24-28, 2019. At the conference, Hanna Hlushko presented her research on layer-by-layer polymer coatings of antioxidant polymers for corrosion protection of cold rolled steel with a poster. Additionally, Hanna volunteered at CORROSION: Opportunities Realized Mini-Camp, helping to show the concepts of electroplating to kids from local schools, explain the danger of stray current corrosion for pipelines, and facilitate the discussion about the ways we can protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

Hanna Hlushko presenting her poster at Harvey section of a poster session


Hanna Hlushko volunteering at CORROSION: Opportunities Realized mini-camp
Texas A&M graduate students at the NACE CORROSION conference (from left to right): Jim Chen (Dr. Case group, MSEN), Yenny Cubides (Dr. Castaneda group, MSEN), Hanna Hlushko (Dr. Sukhishvili group, MSEN), and Edna Mendez (Dr. Glover group, CHEN)

Grad. Student Hanna Hlushko at NACE 2018

Graduate student Hanna Hlushko recently presented her work at the 2018 NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) International Conference in Phoenix, Arizona from April 15th to 19th. Her poster entitled “Antioxidant Copolymers for Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloys” was a hit among both industrial and academic experts. During the conference, Hanna volunteered at Mini-camp CORROSION: Opportunities Realized for local high school students.




Back from MS&T17

Our students returned after presenting their talks at the Material Science and Technology 2017 Conference at Pittsburgh, PA. They were presenting oral talks about their projects, “Layer-by-Layer Coatings of Fluorinated Polyphosphazenes” and “Linear, Hydrophobic, Antioxidant Copolymers for Enhanced Performance of Anticorrosion Coatings.”


Overview of Pittsburgh Downtown:









Texas A&M Students from Prof. Sukhishvili, Prof. Castaneda and Prof. Karaman groups:









After presenting oral talks:









Students at Duquesne Incline enjoying free time:



Aggie research teams working in Dr. Sukhishvili’s lab presented two posters today at the LAUNCH expo. The team of Haley Nelson, Cynthia Co, and Shabba Armbrister, led by Victoria Albright, presented a poster entitled: “Layer-By-Layer Polymer Assemblies with Antimicrobial Agents for Biomedical Applications.” Albright’s team focuses on layer-by-layer deposition of stimuli-responsive polymers that can encapsulate antibiotics and selectively release them when triggered. Undergraduates have shown that deposition conditions, such as salt concentration and pH, as well as polymer composition are critical to film formation and stability. The team of Taylor Kelly and Kelly Boening, led by Hanna Hlushko presented a poster entitled: “Synthetic Polymeric Antioxidants for Corrosion Protection.” Hlushko’s team studies antioxidant polymers containing different polyphenol moieties and their application as polymeric coatings for corrosion prevention.

Sukhishvili Group Visits 254th ACS Conference in Washington, DC

Dr. Sukhishvili’s group has had quite a productive year, which has led to the entire group attending ACS, each with at least one poster presentation though many have multiple presentations.

Dr. Sukhishvili will give 2 talks: “Functional nanocoatings and nanocapsules: from chain intermixing to controlled morphology” and “Development of fluorinated ionomer coatings using aqueous nanoassembly of polyphosphazene polyelectrolytes.”

Post-doc Anbazhagan Palanisamy will present 3 posters and an oral talk on “UCST responsive micelles of a polypeptide-based block copolymer: Synthesis, LbL assembly, and temperature response” and on “Biodegradable thin films of UCST-type micelles: Film stability, degradation and biocompatibility.”

Post-doc Yuhao Wang will present 2 posters and an oral talk on “Interfacial assembly of hydrogen-bonded complexes for stimuli-responsive emulsion stabilization and breaking,” “Hydrogen-bonded complexes of a triblock Pluronic® copolymer with a weak polyacid: From nanocages to self-healing materials,” and “One-step assembly of hydrogen-bonded nanoparticles and nanocapsules mediated by phase separation of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide),” respectively.

Senior PhD student Victor Selin will present 2 posters on “Effect of competitive solvent on chain dynamics within hydrogen-bonded polyelectrolyte multilayers” and “Layer-by-layer films of fluorinated polyphosphazenes.”

PhD student Victoria Albright will present a poster on “pH- and temperature-triggered self-defensive antibacterial layer-by-layer coatings.”

PhD student Parvin Karimineghlani will give an oral talk on “Polyvinyl alcohol/dendrimer gels for reversible shape stabilization of thermal energy storage materials” and present a poster on “Thermoreversible Poly(vinyl alcohol) Gel as a Matrix for Salt Hydrate Thermal Energy Storage Materials.”

PhD student Raman Hlushko will give his first oral talk on a “New versatile class of antioxidant polymers” as well as present a poster “Ultrathin layer-by-layer salt-responsive hydrogel for fiber-optic salinity sensing.”

PhD student Hanna Hlushko will give her first oral talk on “Linear antioxidant polymers for anticorrosion coatings: Adhesion and electrochemical performance” as well as present a poster “Poly(vinyl alcohol-co-vinyl gallate) as a novel polymeric antioxidant in solution and hydrogen-bonded layer-by-layer films.”